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12 Steps To Make More Money From AdSense Without Getting Banned

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Google AdSense
Does anyone argue about the face that Google AdSense ads are the most popular way for the bloggers to make money from their blogs? I guess not.
Of course Google AdSense Ads are on the top of the other competitors and that’s for many reasons one of them that

The formula used by Google AdSense ads to target the users of your site is a huge selling point.
Google AdSense can generate ads on the any subject and display them to the users.
The other very important reason that Google AdSense have the highest PPC (Paying Per Click) rates.
Of course there are some other competitors but it’s an option used by people who were rejected or banned by Google AdSense.

Once you decide to use Google AdSense in your blog or website, you will try most likely to find more about it and search for (“AdSense Tips”) or (“Using AdSense”), then you gonna face couple of completely different angel on the subject.
One of them that you will find people sells their E-Books and courses about the Google AdSense secrets and how to make millions from it.
Second thing you are going to find articles from people is very upset and full of anger because their accounts blocked or banned and all their earnings forfeited.

So the two questions rise here:

 1-Can those course sellers and those guys who sell AdSense secrets and formulas make you rich from it?

 I would answer you simply, if it is that great and they made millions out of it then they would retire with the money they made and will never try to sell it for you for only 20$.

2-Second important question is why the Google AdSense Accounts getting shutdown is or blocked?

That’s a really more interesting question, when Google do that and leave just blanks instead of the ads.
, they don’t need to explain themselves in any way cause most of the cases happened cause the people think that they could cheat on the system and most the cases happened because of the breaking of AdSense T.O.S, but it always hard to be rejected with no explanation.

So let’s take on how to maximize your earnings from Google AdSense without getting breaking the AdSense T.O.S and getting your account shut down.

The Six AdSense Do's

1) Display Your AdSense Ads Above The Fold : 

Google Adsense Do's
Above the fold area is the areas that any one visiting your site will be seeing it without having to do any scroll down.

Most of the people online when they search for something, they need instant result and when if they land on a page and it’s not their liking they will move once to another one without giving your site a second glance

So if they are going to leave. So why don’t I put the Ads above the fold cause they might generate some cash for you in the leaving process.

Also worth to mention here that it’s essential to have subscription option like Rss links above the fold cause the visitor might subscribe to come back later.

2) Use the best AdSense units  

According to AdSense and to many people who spent lots of time tracking their ads, it was very clear to them that the large units (336x280 large rectangle and 300x250 medium rectangle) are the best units and the best preforming ads.

3) Report to Google if you see anything suspicious

If you notice anything suspicious like IP Addresses, referral etc. You can report it to Google in Invalid ClicksContact Form

4) Integrate ads with your content

For example if your blog or website uses a green background then use a green background for your ads, if the titles on your blog or website are black then use black titles for your AdSense units. I have found that setting the URLs of the ad units to blue is the most effective as most links on the web are blue by default.

5)  Track your ads

This may not be something you will want to do right off the bat but you can use ad filters and channels to track which ads are generating the most clicks. You can also connect your AdSense account with your Google Analytics account and look deeper into the performance of your AdSense.

6) Have at least one unit display text ads only

When you create an AdSense unit the default setting is for that unit to display both text and image ads. But the nature of your site can determine what type ads whether text or image work best. But there is an interesting question here which is:
Have you ever been on one of your pages and all three AdSense units are showing the same image ad?
I guess you have seen that very often and in this case if the visitor doesn’t click the first Ad they are not going to click the second Ad for the very same product. So , for that reason it’s preferred that you have one unit for the test Ads only so to make sure that you have different Ads for different products on your web site.

These were some few tips about what you should take care of when you are using or planning to use Google AdSense to increase your now let’s take a look on the things you should never do.
Google AdSense Don'ts

The Six AdSense Don'ts

1) Never ever click your own ads

Google was quite clear about that, they know your I.P and they know it’s you and they will not tolerate with that… so just don’t do it and never do it.

2) Never ask someone to click your ads

Yes even if you in some country and your friend is in another country. Just don’t ask your friends to click your ads. If Google smell something odd with few clicks on your site they will know about it.

3) Never place anything near your ads that would invite a click

Never place images and texts around the Ads inviting people to click them or this will sure get you banned. Also try to make your images away from your AdSense. Simply stick to Ad placement policies

4) Don't change the AdSense code

Do not make any changes to AdSense code in any way, basically you are not allowed to add anything to, or remove anything from the code you generate in your AdSense account.  

5) Don't forget to have a privacy policy

One of the terms set in AdSense T.O.S is the requirement for all sites using their ads to have a Privacy Policy page. We will cover that in a separate post.

6) Two more that deserve a mention

Don't submit a site containing AdSense to traffic exchanges for example Traffic Swarm or Smiley Traffic it is against the AdSense T.O.S. - Don't use AdSense ads on adult sites or sites of an adult nature.
If you have any specific questions you can drop a comment below or look for help in the Official Google AdSense Forum.

Remember you can use all these steps, but if your site is not getting traffic there will be no one there to click the ads so work on building a quality website or blog and you will see the earnings quickly grow.

Now it's your turn to tell me,What tips have you used to increase your AdSense earnings ?
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Thanks Steve... hope to see you always... and again and once again...Nice blog you too

Very interesting post. Though I do not use Google AdSense anymore, I have tried it before - and was banned... Although I never really figured out why? But, I have found other ways to make money via ads - so no harm done. Hehe.

Anyway, thanks for sharing these tips.

Yes, you don't have to count on Google AdSense by itself..there are so many other ways to make money online from ads like (CJ-Click Bank-Amazon) and so many other ways am going to post about them...
Thanks Ropcorn and waiting to hear from you again and telling us ("What are your ways in making money online??)

I love your blog, I look forward to seeing more from you. Do you run any other sites? thanks

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