Thursday, September 13, 2012

Optimize Posting Titles for Better SEO

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Most of the blogger templates are not SEO Optimized.
That's because the templates in Blogger category were designed very long time ago and they haven't been updated long time ago.
But Google SEO algorithm has changed so far since then.
So ,as a blogger you don't want to left behind and to keep your blog alive in this cut throat competition and to always make your template SEO friendly in Google Search Engine.
In this tiny SEO related article,we will help you to take the lead of this compitition.

If you are using a not customized template then you need to make some modifications to meet your visitors needs and also to meet the Search Engine Needs.

Fist thing you need to know that Search Engines don't focus on the markup (HTML) but for sure it's very important to change the markup (HTML) to be user friendly.

Blogger Templates have h1 tag as the BLOG Title which is normal BUT the problem would be in the POST Title  because it's h3 tag.

And this is one of the reasons that your BLOG could be not optimized for the Search Engine and will not be shown up in the search results as it deserved to be.

So , let's optimize our templates Post Title to be h2 instead of h3 tag.

Optimize the post title to h2 in Blogger

Simply , follow these instructions to make your post title h2 tag :
  1. login to your Blogger.
  2. Go to the Template tab and click on Edit HTML, ignore the warning and click proceed. Edit HTML

  3. Check mark the ‘Expand Widget Template’
  4. Expand Widget Template
  5. Use CTRL+F and search for this line
    <h3 class='post-title entry-title'>
  6. Just change the <h3> to <h2>, change of only a number and DON'T forget to change the ending tag to be </h2> instead of </h3> and the code will be like the following. HTML Code
  7. Do this procedure two times, one for Live on Blog and the other for mobile
Can you believe that is it ???!!!
With these steps we have not only make the user friendly interface prettier but also we have OPTIMIZED our posting titles for the SEO so far.
Remember always that there is no easy direct way to get into the top of the search results and any small effective way could help greatly in that as we did.
If your blog didn't get on top of search results follow the say ("Don't worry , keep posting") and follow us because ("Simply , Together We Are The Best")
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